Slab Doors

Colors and/or wood types are all customizable

Displayed in different wood species and outside profiles to demonstrate variability

  • Style #'s 125 & 131 are veneered panel slab doors with edge banding rather than a traditional solid wood frame
  • Style #131 comes from a partner company, Norther Contours, that can provide some exotic wood species in slab doors that we do not
  • Modern/Minimalist style
  • Style #'s 250 & 255 are solid wood panel slab doors without a traditional solid wood frame. These doors are more susceptible to cupping or bowing naturally; therefore, battens are included and are installed behind doors to aid in stabilization.
  • Style #625 is a solid MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) slab
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125 Shown in Mahogany


250 Shown in Lyptus


255 Shown in Select Maple with Walnut Accents


625 Painted Extra White

625 Flat Painted Slab