255 Shown in Select Maple with Walnut Accents
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Door shown in Select Maple with Black Walnut Stripe Pattern and "A" profile

  • Construction is a solid wood slab
  • Drawer front style #500 compliments this door
  • Glass or open frame door is NOT available
  • Two battens on the back side of the door are 5/8" thick by 1-5/8" wide located 2" from the side edge and 3" from the top and bottom
  • A 3rd batten is required past 48" in height, a 4th batten past 66" in height
  • Matching drawer front has horizontal grain with accent strips from the top down
  • Door has accent stripes as follows: 2" wide main wood choice, 3/8" wide accent wood choice, 3/8" wide main wood choice, 3/4" side accent wood choice with the balance the main wood choice.
  • Matching drawer front has horizontal grain with accent stripes from the top down as follows: 1-1/2" main wood, 3/8" accent wood, 3/8" main wood, 3/4" accent wood with the remaining width the main wood. Minimum height for this drawer front is 4".

Cross-Section Detail


Outside edge profile C shown on door


Line drawing of #255 door

Minimum Size 5-1/2" x 4"
Minimum Trimmed Size 5-1/2" x 4"
Maximum Size 26" x 96"
Extra Center Rail Required At: NA
Drawer Front Compliments This Door: #500
Glass or Open Frame Door Available: No