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Why do I need to start looking for appliances?

You may be wondering "Why do I need to know the appliances at this stage of my project?" You may not consider a "kitchen sink' to be an appliance but it will also dictate the layout of a room. The appliances can make quite a difference as to how the cabinets will fit into a room. The type of appliances you choose will also have an effect on the overall "look" and "feel" of the completed project. Now is also the best time to find out if the appliances you want will fit into the room. Depending on your budget you may be getting all new appliances for your project or, in the case of remodeling, you may be using some or all of the existing appliances.

When you have a good idea of your appliance situation, the next step is to indicate where you want the appliances in your room dimension drawing. The budget of a remodeling project will definitely increase if you move appliances from their existing locations. This may be necessary if: walls are moved, an addition is added to the room or, the new appliances you are adding require you to change locations. This may also be necessary to make the layout more convenient. New construction will allow more flexibility for conveniently locating the appliances. On your drawing indicate the approximate location(s) for appliances (include sinks) as dictated by any plumbing and/or electrical requirements. If this is a new construction project, indicate exactly where the water/gas/electrical lines are located on the wall or floors.

If you are going to be using some new appliances we do have several links to appliance web sites. This is a good place to start getting information and ideas to what you may want in appliances for your project. It is also advisable to review recommended opening clearances, recommended spacing for plumbing/wiring, etc. on appliances you already have.

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Custom Appliance Doors

Modifying your appliances with Appliance Doors to match the surrounding cabinets is one of the best ways to unify the look and feel of your kitchen. If you have an appliance that can take a custom made door, we can accommodate you with a set of doors or panels that match the cabinets. Please provide us the make and model of your appliance at the time you send a quote request and we will take care of preparing the door or panel to be attached properly. Our ability to make the appliance panels blend seamlessly and disappear will depend entirely on both what type of appliance it is and the skill of the installer. For technical information on how we handle these types of applications, check out our page on Door Panels for Appliances.