Door Panels for Appliances

Appliance panels are an excellent way to upgrade the look of your kitchen. The door panels attached to appliance fronts create an enhanced custom look allowing them to blend in with the surrounding cabinets.

Appliance Slot Cut
• A Slot Cut is routed on all four edges of the door.
• Make sure the appliance can accommodate the full thickness of the door.  Some appliances offer optional handles/spacers to allow for fingers with this type of application.
Appliance Slot Kit
• The kit will require a 2" reduction in the width or height of the door.  Included with the kit is a 2-1/2" piece of plywood to be inserted behind one edge of the door as shown.  The three remaining sides will have the Slot Cut.  Please inform us at the time you are placing the order if your appliance requires this application.
• Older model dishwashers require this kit on the bottom edge of the top door.  New dishwashers will use the Appliance Slot Cut above or they do not need any special modifications to the door panel.  If this application is required for handle clearance on a refrigerator, specify left or right side as you face the door.


Appliance Slot / Handle
• A 3-1/2" wide stile is required on one side.  A 14" tall relief  will be centered in the height for fingers in the area of the handle.  All 4 sides will receive the Slot Cut.
Appliance Backer/Spacer Panels
• Include the appliance name and model number with your order.
• Several appliance manufacturers use a combination of a spacer and backer panel for attachment of decorative wood doors.
• When ordering, supply the exact size of the decorative door panel.  The size of the Spacer Panel, including thickness (e.g. 1/10") and the Backer Panel along with thickness (e.g. 1/4").
• Spacer/Backer panels will be sent loose and include #7 x 3/4" screws for attachment (drilling for screws not included.)