A Word About Current Events

Hello Friends and Valued Customers,
These are strange times. There’s a lot going on in the world—enough so that many businesses out there are unable to function as normal. Many businesses, some entire industries even, are having to adapt to a new semi-temporary “normal”. It’s odd to see some are dealing with the strain of too much work, and some are dealing with a lack thereof.


As of right now, we are fortunate enough to be functioning as normal.


Fortunately, we make all of our doors and cabinets from raw materials. These raw materials come from the United States and Canada. These supply chains remain strong and active. We do not have a classical showroom as the vast majority of our business is conducted online and shipped out the door on a pallet, in a crate, or in a box. For now, our business model seems well-suited to weather these specific issues presented by the effects of the coronavirus.


We are a small business in a relatively small community. We intend to continue our work that we love so much. Of course, we are taking extra precautions to protect ourselves and our facilities. We are working more aggressively to keep a clean and organized work environment, encouraging employees to take time off if they feel ill, and we are paying close attention to what our leaders and experts are saying.


We view the work we do as essential and many states categorize it that way too. In addition to our normal work-flow we've taken on a few special projects. This week we have begun cooperating with another local manufacturer by machining plexiglass components for sneeze guards for local businesses and intubation boxes for our local hospitals. It would seem everyone has a part to play in this critical time period.


In addition to keeping ourselves safe, we hope that you keep yourself and your families safe as well. Please stay informed. Keep a close eye on what the leaders and experts are saying. Please avoid misinformation and rumors. Do what is right. Even if you yourself are not in a high risk group, think about how your actions affect those who are.


As the economic landscape continues to shift, we will provide updates here when necessary. For now, we are here, and we are honored to remain busy working for our valued Customers.


The Scherr’s Team


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