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Drawer Front Style #563 (Matches #630 Doors)

• The medium-density fiberboard (MDF) used to manufacture the Series 600 doors was designed specifically for this purpose and meets California's CARB 2 regulations. This product has excellent machining properties.
• Glass or 'frame only' doors available, see specifications tab.
• Lite mullions are available for the Series 600, 602 and 604 doors only. All mullion grids will be constructed with equally spaced lites. Custom spacing or an odd number of lites in a frame are available, attach a drawing to your order - there may be additional charges. The mullions are 1" wide on the 600 series doors. All designs are prepared for a one-piece square glass or insert (not included).
• Standard outside edge profiles “A” through “M” are available for MDF drawer fronts.
• MDF drawer fronts cannot be ordered "No Edge Profile".


Line Drawing

Panel & Inside Frame Detail

Stile Width 2-3/8"
Rail Width *1-1/2"
Minimum Size (W"xH") 8" x 7-3/4" (*6")
Minimum Trimmed Size 6" x 5-1/2"
Maximum Size (W" x H") 48" x 24"
Extra Center Rail Required At: NA
* "*" Denotes the Alternate Rail Width and the Minimum Alternate Height of drawer fronts. The standard Rail Width will be equal to the Stile Width and used for drawer fronts that are greater or equal to the Minimum Height. Drawer fronts less than the Minimum Alternate Height can be trimmed to the Minimum Trimmed Size.