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Drawer Front Style #594 (Matches #940 Doors)

  • All solid wood construction, 5 pieces with 1/2" thick panel flat on face
  • Drawer front has horizontal grain on the panel unless ordered otherwise
  • The standard rail width will be used for drawer fronts that are greater or equal to the minimum height. Drawer fronts less than the minimum height will use the alternative rail width. Drawer fronts less than the minimum alternative height can be trimmed to the minimum trimmed size.
  • V-groove inside frame profile continues through joint of rail and stile


Line Drawing of #594 Drawer Front

Panel & Inside Frame Detail

Stile Width 2-3/8"
Rail Width 2-3/8"
Maximum Size 48" x 24"
Minimum Size 7" x 7"
Alternative Rail Width 1-1/2"
Minimum Alternative Size 7" x 5-1/4"