Custom MDF Machined Mullion Grids

One of the advantages of having a complete custom build operation is the ability to do some pretty unique stuff. Customers ask us to do something specific or special things for their projects all the time. We can't say "Yes" as often as we'd like but we encourage you to ask! Some of our best work has come from the ideas of our creative customers.

These uniquely shaped mullion grids are a result of us experimenting with our shop's capabilities. We are used to making our mullion grids out of solid wood using a process we developed decades ago and it has served us well. We're finding out that customers are becoming more and more interested in having elements in their living spaces that are unlike those that their friends and family have - something less... standard.

'Shackled X' MDF Mullion Grid'Sunburst Top Arch' MDF Mullion Grid'Mirrored Bow' MDF Mullion GridX-Cell

Above from left to right: Shackled 'X', Sunburst Top Arch, Mirrored Bow, & X-Cell.

These machined MDF mullion grids are experimental at this point, but are available to a limited extent. Eventually they may come to be offered in our standard catalog at standard prices, but for now the process is still in its infancy and therefore it isn't easily repeatable. If you see a mullion grid design you like above or if you can give us a not-too-complicated sketch or picture of a design, we may be able to do this for you (no guarantees!) As of right now, for each door that is different in size or design there is a separate design rate of $100/hr on top of the standard rate for MDF slab doors. To help give you an idea how much these doors may cost, a set of four of the Shackled 'X' doors that are all the same size would cost roughly $160 per door. The Sunburst Top Arch style in the middle would likely cost $200 per door as they take longer to design and set tool paths for. If each door is a different size or design, this will drastically increase the cost per door! Again, these are not set prices, but simply meant to give you an idea. The price on your custom mullion grids will depend almost entirely on the size and complexity of your design.

The MDF used is premium grade fiberboard. Our MDF has excellent machinability and takes paint evenly. Are these as strong as our hardwood mullion grids? Yes. Rather than making the grids from separate parts being carefully glued together, these are machined from a single piece of material. In our opinion the MDF machined grids are about the same strength, especially when you put your glass pane in the back. You can expect normal life and functionality from these doors.

X-Cell MDF Mullion Grid Before Painting

X-Cell MDF Mullion Grid After Painting