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Cabinet Sub-Base

Leg Levelers

Cabinet Sub-Base (Toe Kick Area)

Our go-to choice for cabinet sub-base hardware are the "Concept Leg Levelers." Leg levelers offer many benefits over the traditional base board options of the past. The levelers are adjustable in height from 3-7/8" to 6" (up to 7-1/2" with an extension.) With tall cabinets, such as pantry and oven cabinets, the cabinets can be adjusted to fit under soffit, or floor to ceiling installations. The levelers will allow access to electrical and plumbing under the cabinets. You'll also have the ability to get underneath cabinets for cleaning or pest control. Since cabinets rest on the leg levelers, if you have a water leak or spill, there is no water damage to the cabinets. Water has little to no effect on these heavy duty plastic levelers. Cabinets are faster and easier to install - simply screw on the leg leveler and level the cabinets by turning the base of the leg. These are heavy duty legs rated for 1,500 pounds per cabinet with four legs. Matching wood fronts are included along with clips to cover the levelers after the cabinets are installed. Once installation is complete there are no visible fasteners in your toe boards.

Your second option is to order with "no sub-base" and have the sub-base (toe kick) constructed on the job site.

If you have an alternative preference for the sub-base, let us know and we will see what we can put together for you.