Cabinets Assembled By You™

How to Measure a Room

When measuring the room for pricing purposes you do not have to be exact. If you supply us the measurements to the nearest 1/2" that will be close enough for now.


Use a standard steel tape measure - one that is able to measure your longest span in one reading is best. DO NOT use a ruler, yard stick or cloth measuring tape.


In our sample room below there is a door in one wall and a window in the second wall. When measuring doors and windows measure to the outside of all case moldings. For windows provide the width, height and distance from the floor. Also measure the floor-to-ceiling height in a few places where the cabinets will be located (especially tall pantry cabinets etc.)

Measure a Room Include Door MeasurementInclude Window Measurements
Include Window Measurements
Measure Width of door to outside of case moldingMeasure Window Width, Height, and Distance from Floor to Bottom of Window Molding