Cabinets Assembled By You™


Due to constant product improvement, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Cabinet Interiors

The cabinet parts are 3/4" thick 45-pound density industrial board with a thermo-fused melamine surface in White or Natural Hard Rock Maple. Also available is a premium quality Maple or Birch 3/4" veneer plywood for the construction of the cabinets.

Cabinet End Panels

Cabinet end panels are made of all 3/4" thick material with a melamine interior standard. All exterior surfaces on cabinet ends are unfinished. You must specify cabinet ends that will be finished/exposed. All finished/exposed cabinet ends are "real" wood veneer available in Red Oak, Birch, Maple, Cherry, Ash, Walnut, Hickory, VG Fir, White Oak, Mahogany, Knotty Pine or a Paint Grade Birch. Also available are laminate applied skins (Formica, Wilson Art, etc.) for a finished end. Cabinet ends are fastened to the floor (and tops) with a combination of wood dowels and confirmat screws. The confirmat screws are used from the outside of the cabinet end into the floor. On finished ends we use wood dowels and CAM Furniture Fittings. Both methods provide a very solid and strong method of construction.

Floors, Tops, and Center Floors

Cabinet floors/bottom and tops are all 3/4" thick material. Cabinet floors on base and tall units will have a melamine surface on the inside. The tops on tall units also have a melamine surface. Most base cabinets have a full top/dust shield instead of rails - another quality feature. Floors on wall units, center floors and cabinet tops will have a melamine surface on both sides. Cabinet interiors are also available in real wood veneers matching the exterior wood choice for units with open fronts or glass doors.

Cabinet Shelves

Shelves are made of 3/4" material with a melamine (or veneered plywood if plywood cabinet option is chosen) surface on both sides. All shelves are fully adjustable, with very few exceptions where it is not feasible. Where shelves are permanently exposed we apply a hardwood front to its face and give it a profile that matches the style of your cabinet doors.

Cabinet Backs

Cabinet backs are made of 1/4" material with a melamine (or veneered plywood if plywood cabinet option is chosen) surface. The backs are set in 11/16" from the very back of the cabinet. The hanging rails are located behind the cabinet backs, providing a tidy and uncluttered interior.

Cabinet Edge Banding

Edge banding for the cabinet parts is available in PVC or real wood. Edge banding can be requested to match either the interior or exterior of the cabinet.

Drawer Boxes

There are four options available for the construction of drawer boxes in our cabinets. First, our standard is a drawer with sides, fronts and backs in all 5/8" material with a melamine surface on both faces. The drawer bottom is matching melamine in 1/4" material. The drawers are constructed with dowels and confirmat screws just like the cabinets. Second we also have a solid wood dovetail drawer box available - see our drawer program for the details and options on this type of drawer. We also offer the Blum MetaBox drawer system with epoxy coated steel sides functioning as the track runners. Finally we offer Blum Tandembox, the high end stainless steel drawer box options from Blum.

Cabinet Sub-Base

The cabinet sub-base (toe board) is available in your choice of two options. First you can order the cabinets with NO sub-base for individuals who prefer building there own sub-base on the job site. The other option is our HC Leg Levelers with 3/4" thick front covers matching the exterior wood of the cabinets. The leg levelers allow for easy cabinet leveling during installation and you can also remove the front covers later for access to under the cabinets for plumbing, wiring or other maintenance.

Cabinet Hardware

All hardware will be included for each type of cabinet in your order. These hardware kits contain a combination of concealed hinges, drawer tracks and shelf clips for that particular cabinet. You can specify which type of Blum concealed hinges you prefer in your cabinets. Hinges will be pre-bored into any doors purchased with a cabinet order. We also have several drawer tracks available sure to satisfy your preference on slides. Cabinet handles/knobs are available - we have access to most manufacturers and can supply pulls at below retail prices. Supply us with a "wish list" of cabinet accessories you would like included with your cabinets and we will get a complete package put together for you.

Door and Drawer Fronts

All of the doors drawer fronts in our door program are available for our RTA Cabinet Kits. There are also additional doors available that we purchase from outside resources. When you request a quote on cabinets, indicate which door style(s) you are interested in and we will include the doors in the price.