Base Cabinets

Base Cabinets stand on the floor and are typically attached to a wall unless it is an island base cabinet. Base Cabinets are typically installed side by side in a row along a wall and have a counter-top affixed to the top. Our standard base cabinet is 23 7/8" deep and 34 3/4" tall.

Upper or Wall Cabinets

Upper/Wall Cabinets are shallow compared to base cabinets. They are installed to hang on a wall, typically directly above a base cabinet with space between (18" between the top of the counter below and the lower edge of the upper cabinet is standard.) Standard height of the lower edge of an upper cabinet is 54" from the ground; however, this can be adjusted according to your own preference. Our Upper/Wall Cabinets have a standard depth of 11 7/8" and maximum width/height of 48". In some cases we can make wider or taller wall cabinets, when a Customer requests a size that exceeds our recommended dimensions special materials, manufacturing methods, or hardware may be necessary, considerably affecting the price but don't let that stop you from asking!

Vanity Cabinets

Vanity Cabinets are typically stand-alone cabinets found in bathrooms/powder rooms/dressing rooms, slightly smaller than kitchen base cabinets. Our standard vanity cabinet depth is 21" and height is 31". A vanity cabinet's purpose is to not only hold a sink but to conceal the plumbing underneath as well as provide storage.